Forges de l’iton has been taken over in 2006 and is a well-known SME for its know-how in produc­­­­tion of forging parts by drop forging or by closed die forging in steel, stain­­­­less steel and high-alloys steels.

Iton - Entreprise_4

Foun­­­­ded in 2012, Concept Iton is specia­­­­li­­­­zed in machi­­­­ning but also realizes the inter­­­­­­­na­­­­li­­­­zed design and manu­­­­fac­­­­ture of the forging product and its tool. All the support depart­­­­ments for both compa­­­­nies are loca­­­­ted in Concept Iton.

Unique know-how, high respon­­­­si­­­­ve­­­­ness but also a skilled work­­­­force commit­­­­ted to our quality mana­­­­ge­­­­ment system, are what allow us to consis­­­­tently meet our custo­­­­mer expec­­­­ta­­­­tions. With the bene­­­­fit of one single-source supplier from the concep­­­­tion to the deli­­­­very of your parts, ITON is able to realize your forged and machi­­­­ned product in tight dead­­­­lines.

By choo­­­­sing ITON as a part­­­­ner, you will have an advan­­­­tage in today’s compe­­­­ti­­­­tive market­­­­place.

Key figures :

  • 20 employees
  • 3,6 M € of turno­­­­ver
  • Export : 27 %

Both produc­­­­tion sites are certi­­­­fied ISO 9001, PED 97/23 CE and AD 2000 Merk­­­­blatt W0 / TRD 100.

Sectors and Keys Indus­­­­tries

Our forged and machi­­­­ned products could be used in every sector that needs safety and pres­­­­sure resis­­­­tant parts. Our main custo­­­­mers are coming from valves and fittings indus­­­­tries, cryo­­­­ge­­­­nics, chemi­­­­cal and phar­­­­ma­­­­ceu­­­­ti­­­­cal indus­­­­tries, oil and gas indus­­­­tries or ship buil­­­­ding.

Chemistry and Petrochemistry
Ship building
Valves and fittings
Hand tool
Construction / Civil engineering